Business Transformation Services

Businesses generally face a common set of challenges. Silica Associates identifies how your business can transform to overcome these.

The most common challenges faced by any business are:

People : We are constantly involved in change, whether it be changing the organisational structure or implementing new systems or rules & regulations. But how do we ensure our people understand, buy-in and embody new ways of working?

Processes : Are we still performing tasks that are redundant or add no value to the customer? Are our IT processes streamlined and coordinated? Do we understand what we get for our money?

Technology : Are we using the right technology for the right job? Are we exploiting new technology enough ?

Strategy : But most importantly, does everyone understand what the company’s objectives are ? Do we measure success ? Are we rewarded appropriately ?

Silica Associates offers either a holistic approach to the above dilemmas or point solutions:

People: Business Change Management (i.e. advise on how to cope with organisational & systems changes) ; Mentoring (i.e. provide small & medium sized enterprises an independent & unbiased sounding board)

Processes: Business Process Improvement (i.e. advise on how to become more effective & efficient in any business process); Service Management (i.e. advise on how to set up the IT service support and service delivery disciplines to effectively manage incidents, problem trend analysis, change, availability, capacity and service continuity)

Technology: eReadiness Audits (i.e. advise small & medium sized enterprises on how a business can explore & exploit e-technology)

Strategy: Strategic Planning (i.e. advise on how to create a business strategy, balanced scorecard measures & SMART objectives to ensure people are appropriately motivated to deliver the strategy)