Evolution of a MAT

A while ago, we created the ‘Evolution of a MAT’ one-pager roadmap.  We designed it to show the journey a Multi Academy Trust (MAT) typically goes through as it grows, which has helped many MATs plan their strategy.

Click here to download the above roadmap.
The one-pager has now been developed into an online module via a mobile learning platform called nimbl from Anspear.  

The roadmap has expanded into a detailed self-evaluation tool to help trustees and senior leadership teams of ’emerging’ multi-academy trusts to improve their trust and anticipate issues they’re likely to face. Alongside best practice guidance and examples of success criteria, there is a red, amber and green (RAG) rating tool which allows leaders to individually rate 50 aspects of development and evaluate where their MAT sits on the MAT evolution journey. The results of the RAG rating can then be collated into a comprehensive report that allows leaders to have constructive discussions about the future of their MAT.

Anticipated users of the ‘Evolution of a MAT’ module are Trustees and members of the Trust’s Executive Team.  Other senior leaders (e.g. Exec Heads or Heads) as well as local governing body members may also wish to use the module to assess their awareness of how the MAT operates and possibly identify some knowledge gaps.

Click here for a preview of ‘Evolution of a MAT’.
Click here to access some slides which further explain the ‘Evolution of a MAT’ self-evaluation tool shown at the Schools & Academies Show in April 2021.
Click here to access a video presentation explaining the ‘Evolution of a MAT’.